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Rogue One preview: I really think every rebel should die by the end

Rogue One Preview Ending

I’m as excited as every other Star Wars fan out there to see Rogue One, Disney’s first bold Star Wars move. We’re looking at a standalone movie that will have no sequels, and which tells a story meant to bridge together the first two trilogies. And I hope it won’t have the happy end we’re used to seeing in Hollywood creations. I hope that everyone dies in the end, even the new droid that’s going to steal our hearts and make us laugh in the process.

Just like many Star Wars fans out there, I haven’t seen any Rogue One footage other than what’s publicly available. I have no inside information on the plot. But I do know that the rebels daring mission to steal the plans of the Death Star will be successful.

The Empire’s might will not be able to stop the Rogue One crew from delivering the plans to the rebels, and that’s all the happy end we need.

Going into the movie, Star Wars fans will remember that the plans were retrieved in Star Wars: A New Hope from a couple of droids found in the desert by one Luke Skywalker. The droids everyone was looking for are responsible for the destruction of the Death Star.

This simple fact tells me that the Rogue One team is in for a suicide mission of sorts. We’ve got plenty of heroes on that Rogue One space ship, all ready to fight, and all bringing unusual skills to the table. But none of them is a Jedi, and everyone is dispensable.

Not to mention that the Empire has virtually all the resources it needs to hunt down such an expedition across the galaxy. The deck is simply stacked against them, and it’ll take heroism and personal sacrifice to get the job done. No way everyone makes it until the end.

After all, the Empire has killed so many Star Wars characters that we love, that it’s practically a given that some Rogue One crew members won’t make it in this new Star Wars flick.

Will all this in mind, I can’t help but compare Rogue One with a Magnificent Seven western set in space. You’ve got a handful of warriors who’re ready to fight the oppressing force at all costs. They know they might die, and many of them do.

That’s why I think every single member of the Rogue One team should die by the time the end credits roll. That’s probably why you’d give droids the information you want to send to your fellow brothers in arms. That, or the fact that technology really sucks in that distant galaxy. Not counting the fact they have lasers, lightsabers, and gigantic ships, these Star Wars civilizations lack modern, portable communication devices that would carry some sort of storage system for extra secret missions.

So if you’re in peril in Star Wars, you just hand your precious data to your faithful droid and hope for the best. It’s how Star Wars: The Force Awakens starts, by the way.

Everyone dying, either in battle or Force torture, would also explain how Darth Vader and Co. found out what droids to look for in A New Hope. And you only go for the droids once you know the people responsible for the theft have been dealt with.

Such a sad-but-happy end — everyone dies, but the Death Star plans are given to droids — would make Rogue One a great movie for both Star Wars veterans and newcomers.

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