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One of the new Pokemon looks frighteningly similar to Donald Trump

Pokemon Looks Like Donald Trump

Although The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wind was Nintendo’s focus at E3 2016 this year, it wasn’t the only game featured on the company’s two-day live stream. Rather, Nintendo kicked things off with an in-depth look at Pokemon Sun and Moon, the two newest entries in the popular portable franchise.

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Members of Nintendo’s Treehouse division showed off some of the never-before-seen features in the game, the improved visuals and even a few new Pokemon, including one named Yungoos (like Mongoose).

The internet has decided that Yungoos looks kind of like Donald Trump.

According to the Pokemon website, Yungoos is a “Loitering Pokémon” with two primary abilities: stakeout and strong jaw.

“Yungoos is a big eater that is never satisfied,” reads the official description. “The majority of its long body is given over to its stomach, and its digestion is swift, so it’s always hungry. It has strong fangs, so it can crush and consume the hardest of objects.” I’m starting to see some parallels a certain presidential candidate.

But perhaps the most damning evidence of all is the following paragraph:

“Yungoos is not a Pokémon that is native to the Alola region. It was brought to the region to help deal with the explosive population of a certain other Pokémon, and now Yungoos are commonly seen around the Alola region.”

Hmm. You might almost say that Yungoos serves as a “wall” to keep a specific kind of Pokemon out of the region. Is this ringing any bells?

Anyway, people are really comparing the goofy creature to Donald Trump because it looks like it has a toupee. Here are some of the best tweets we could find regarding this very important, campaign-defining matter:

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