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Pokemon Go tips and tricks: How to use the new feature people can’t stop talking about

Pokemon Go tips & tricks

Raid Battles and revamped gyms are the highlights of the latest (and largest) Pokemon Go update, but they aren’t the only additions that developer Niantic made to the game this week. One of the many new features discovered in the update is a search bar in the Pokemon list, allowing trainers to quickly and efficiently find and sort through specific Pokemon or groups of Pokemon in their collection.

While you can use the search bar to simply locate a specific Pokemon that you’ve captured, there are a ton of other commands that will help you filter through your collection in a snap. Pokemon Go Hub has a running collection of all of these commands, but we’ll share a few of the most useful right here:

Filter by name

  • You can either search for a nickname you’ve given your Pokemon or the name of the Pokemon species. Searching for the name of the species will ignore the nicknames, so even if you named your Pikachu “Charlie,” it’ll still pop up when you search for “Pikachu.”

Filter by type

  • If you want to find one specific type of Pokemon, just type in Fire or Ice or Grass, and every Pokemon of that type will appear. You can also search something like “Fire,Ice” to get both Fire and Ice-types.

Filter by species

  • In order to find every Charmander in your collection, as well as its evolutions, just search for “+charmander” and every Charmander, Charmeleon and Charizard will appear.

Filter by Pokedex number

  • Know the entire Pokedex by heart? You can simplify your searches for specific Pokemon and just search for the number “212,” for example, to bring up Scizor. You can also search “212-224” to bring up that entire range of Pokemon, based on their number in the Pokedex.

Filter by CP and HP

  • It’s already possible to sort your collection by CP and HP, but with the new search bar, you can search for specific ranges of CP and HP. Just type in “cp1500-2000” to find all of the Pokemon with CP in that range. Same goes for a command like “hp100-200.”

Find Pokemon that can evolve

  • Want to quickly find all of the Pokemon in your collection that can be evolved? Just type in “evolve” in the search bar and they’ll appear. It even takes your candy into account.

Those are the most useful search bar commands that have been found so far. The feature is brand new though, so more functionality will likely be discovered in the coming weeks and months.

Jacob Siegal is Associate Editor at BGR, having joined the news team in 2013. He has over a decade of professional writing and editing experience, and helps to lead our technology and entertainment product launch and movie release coverage.