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The massive Marvel storyline that brings back Tony Stark might feature Steve Rogers too

Published Oct 22nd, 2020 11:13PM EDT
Marvel Movies
Image: Marvel Studios

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  • The upcoming movies and TV shows will help Marvel build up the next massive storyline to follow the Infinity Saga that concluded with the epic Endgame finale.
  • A report said recently that Marvel plans to bring back Tony Stark in a way that won’t ruin the character death in the last Avengers movie.
  • The same source says that Marvel also wants Chris Evans back as Steve Rogers for the same massive project.

Nothing is happening in the Marvel Cinematic Universe right now, but that’s only because the novel coronavirus pandemic is still raging, and that makes theater premieres impossible. Well, studios might attempt to launch new films in theaters, but the returns would be drastically diminished. Disney and Marvel aren’t ready to move blockbusters to Disney+, and that’s why Black Widow will hit cinemas only in May, and that’s assuming COVID-19 can be controlled by then. At the same time, some productions were delayed following the early lockdowns, and TV shows that were supposed to premiere this year on Disney’s streaming service might not be done. Only WandaVision will launch this fall, with The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Loki indefinitely delayed. It’s still unclear whether these TV shows can even be released before Black Widow launches.

While Marvel fans do not have a lot to look forward to in terms of new MCU entertainment, Marvel is working behind the scenes on a few huge surprises. Marvel is weaving its next masterpiece after Endgame, setting plans in motion for another similar finale if recent leaks are to be believed. The main storyline for the upcoming phases has supposedly been decided, and it involves the return of Tony Stark in the best possible way. And that movie, or series of films, might also bring back Steve Rogers.

As I said numerous times, bringing back Tony Stark from the dead would ruin Endgame’s legacy. Part of what made that finale great was the feeling that the stakes are high and that the danger is real. Endgame wouldn’t be a film where all the superheroes survive unharmed and beat the terrifying villain. Great sacrifices would be required to beat Thanos, and we all knew that going into the Endgame premiere.

Marvel insider Mikey Sutton said a few days ago that Tony Stark would be back for the Secret Wars saga’s massive ending. This wouldn’t be the Tony Stark we love, but a different one, from a different planet. He might not even wear the Iron man suit like our Stark:

Not the Stark who died in Endgame but a Stark from a parallel Earth who is recruited by Reed Richards into joining the Illuminati. Marvel Studios wants Robert Downey Jr. back as Stark, and this is an opportunity for him to reprise the role without tarnishing his sacrifice in Endgame.

This would give Marvel a brilliant way to bring back Robert Downey Jr., and fans would surely embrace this new version of Tony Stark. After all, we are getting a brand new Loki and Gamora following Infinity War and Endgame, as the original versions are now dead in the main timeline.

Following up on that story, Sutton said in a separate report that Secret Wars could also see the return of Chris Evans.

The actor’s iconic character did not die in Endgame. Steve Rogers retired and got to live some of that life that Tony was talking about. However, as far as everyone else is concerned, Rogers gave his life during the final battle, and Far From Home made that clear.

Evans himself seemed to be very convinced that he’s done with the character. He said in a few interviews that he feels that anything else involving Rogers would have to be done in a way that would not ruin what had just happened. “It was a great run, and we went out on such a high note that it would be risky to revisit it, in my opinion,” Evans said recently. “It was such a good experience, and I think it’s better left that way.”

It turns out that Secret Wars could offer Evans that opportunity because the Rogers we’d get to see in those epic films would be the older version of Steve.

“There are some plot mechanics at work here which require their participation; what those are I do not know yet,” the leaker said. “If The Infinity War and Endgame were love letters to the MCU, Secret Wars is shaping to be a homage to Marvel Comics itself, it’s wide, colorful universe of diverse characters, genres, and classic story lines.”

Nothing is decided, however. And it may take years to get to a point in the MCU where an Endgame-like movie would be even possible. That’s now accounting for 2020, which is already lost when it comes to advancing the MCU storyline into the post Infinity Saga future. And there’s no guarantee that 2021 will be any different.

That said, the prospect of getting Steve Rogers back into the MCU now that the Fox characters are available is definitely exciting. And let’s not forget that Chris Evans did play a different Marvel character under Fox’s management. That’s Human Torch, of course. “There is also the potential of Evans as Rogers being introduced to his Human Torch from the multiverse, part of Fox’s Fantastic Four,” Sutton said. “My source raised that possibility; given the Electro craziness planned for Spider-Man 3, this would easily top it.”

As always with rumors of any kind, nothing is confirmed at this time.

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