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Kanye West is on another epic Twitter rant, says his album will “never be on Apple”

Updated 4 years ago
Published Feb 15th, 2016 8:50PM EST
Kanye West Twitter Rant
Image: Jason Persse

Kanye West is nothing if not entertaining. Whether you’re quick to label Yeezy a genius or call him insane (or an insane genius), most everyone can agree that ‘boring’ is an adjective no one has ever used to describe Kanye West.

Over the weekend, West appeared on Saturday Night Live but still found time to tear it up on Twitter, firing off a barrage of bizarre, hilarious, and at times nonsensical tweets. Among no shortage of comedic gems was the assertion that he’s $53 million in debt along with pleas to both Mark Zuckerberg and Larry Page to invest $1 billion in his ideas. Why? Because Kanye is the self-proclaimed Walt Disney of this generation and he doesn’t have enough resources to create what he’s capable of. Just Kanye being Kanye, I suppose.

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Of course, with the recent release of The Life of Pablo – itself a Tidal exclusive – West has been going hard trying to convince the Twitter masses to hop on Tidal and check it out.

A few hours ago, West took to Twitter once again to a) clarify his remarks about being in debt b) praise his album c) praise Puff Daddy d) defend Lebron James e) lambast the mainstream media f) encourage Tidal subscriptions and g) state that his latest album will never be available on Apple.

Below are a few choice West tweets that went up not too long ago.

And just when you thought this slice out of the Twilight Zone couldn’t get any more ridiculous, here’s what Beats1 host Julie Adenuga had to say about West’s anti-Apple proclamation.


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