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The 26 funniest Twitter reactions to Trump and Clinton’s first Presidential debate

Hillary Clinton Vs Donald Trump Debate

Did you watch last night’s Presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton? Of course you did, Because, if we’re being honest, everyone did. In the days and hours preceding the event, many even speculated that the debate was going to pull in Super Bowl type viewership numbers.

Hardly a surprise, this year’s Presidential election has been nothing short of a circus the likes of which the American public has never seen before. In turn, all eyes were laser focused on Trump and Clinton as the first Presidential debate kicked off at Hofstra University last night. Suffice it to say, the debate — at least from an entertainment perspective — lived up to the hype.

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With the debate in full swing, Twitter was in rare form as the masses delivered an endless stream of pointed jabs and clever quips about what may very well be the most ludicrous debate in Presidential history. From Donald Trump claiming that the DNC was likely hacked by a 400 pound hacker sitting on his bed to both Clinton and Trump tossing out a few well-crafted zingers, yesterday’s debate was more of a spectacle than an informative and reasoned exchange of ideas.

In case you missed any of the action, or even if you want to re-live the nonsense, we’ve compiled a list of the 26 funniest tweets that hit the Twitterverse last night, in no particular order of course.

When Trump started attacking U.S. airports, well, that’s where some drew the line.

The meme creators were predictably out in full force last night.

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