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Fresh Game of Thrones trailer teases a major revelation

Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 5 Trailer

Things are escalating quickly in the Game of Thrones universe, making this season one of the most exciting ones of the series so far. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s a short season, which means the showrunners didn’t have time for any fluff. Or maybe it’s because we have so many plot threads that need resolution that we’re galloping faster and faster towards the end with each episode. The first trailer for episode 5 is already here, but if you haven’t seen last night’s Game of Thrones installment, you should stay away. Yes, some huge spoilers follow.

Episode 4 was simply amazing, as it brought us the first massive dragon fight of the season. There were many parts of the episode that I thoroughly enjoyed, but the fight simply takes the cake.

For the first time in generations, a dragon comes to the battlefield in Westeros and proves to be effective against a highly trained army. Imagine what three dragons can do — and we’ll probably find out soon. Then again, the Lannister army isn’t exactly unprepared to deal with dragons, and this first test proves not only that dragons can be hurt, but also that Jaime isn’t going to run away from any kind of fight.

In episode 5, Daenerys will likely incorporate all these Lannister soldiers into her own army, and we’ll learn more details about the undead horde that’s slowly marching towards the south.

But the trailer teases one important moment in the show, one that could bring over a few revelations for the characters. Jon Snow will face Drogo, and that interaction might tell Daenerys there’s more to Jon Snow that meets the eye. Will Drogo bond with Jon Snow in a way that will make Daenerys reconsider her stance toward the King of the North?

So far, only the audience — and Bran — know that Jon Snow isn’t actually a bastard. He and the Mother of Dragons are related. He’s got Targaryen blood in him, which means dragon fire can’t touch him — it also means the dragons might not even want to attack him.

We’ll soon see how the Daenerys and Jon Snow love story progresses. But that’s just one of the many things happening in Eastwatch — here’s the full trailer:

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