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We have the answer to at least one ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ mystery

Avengers: Infinity War

Whether you’ve seen the latest Avengers movie or not, you’re probably aware of the fact that it has an emotional ending, an excellent setup for the second part of this adventure.

During it, the tree-shaped character Groot, whom we’ve grown to love whether he’s an adult, kid, or teenager, tells Rocket “I am Groot.” We now know what that means. Careful, spoilers do follow below.

Groot is the Wookie of the Marvel universe when it comes to speaking. In Star Wars, Chewbacca mostly growls at people, and those who speak his language, Han Solo included, usually reply back.

Groot, first in the Guardians movies and now in Infinity War does not growl. Instead, he keeps saying “I am Groot” in different situations, with matching tone and voice inflection. All the Guardians can understand him.

In Infinity War the last “I am Groot” comes out of Groot’s mouth just as he’s turned to ashes. He’s one of the Avengers who die the minute Thanos snaps his fingers. And he’s likely coming back in Part 2… or won’t he?

But when Groot says that, only Rocket is around him, and only Rocket understands him. Rocket, however, does not explain the significance of those last words to anyone, so the audience is left wondering what the obnoxious-yet-adorable teen just said.

James Gunn, the man behind the Guardians movies, revealed on Twitter what Groot meant to said. It turns out the whole thing is very emotional:

So Groot sees Rocket as his father, which is understandable, as the Guardians pretty much raised Groot since he was a baby… twig. They are, after all, just like family.

It’s likely Groot has a similar relationship with other Guardians. Come to think of it, I’m pretty sure of that. Just watch this hilarious Guardians 2 credits scene in which Star-Lord tells teen Groot to clean his room.

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