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N95 masks and respirators are for sale and back in stock

N95 Mask with blue headstraps

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Last year, N95 masks and respirators for sale online were more difficult to find in stock than any other pandemic essential. Of course, the reason why was not exactly a mystery. So many people wanted hospital-grade protection against the novel coronavirus. Sales of these highly desirable N95 face masks were restricted though, and rightfully so. Doctors, hospitals, and first responders had a much more urgent need for them.

Now, however, supply of N95 masks isn’t quite as constrained as it was last year.

That means there are great options available now for N95 masks for sale online to buy. And it just so happens that one of our readers’ favorite is on sale right now. And it’s down to the lowest price we’ve ever seen.

Kimberly-Clark PROFESSIONAL N95 Pouch Respirator (53358), NIOSH-Approved, Made in U.S.A., Regul… List Price:$57.90 Price:$41.99 You Save:$15.91 (27%) Buy Now Available from Amazon, BGR may receive a commission

What is an N95 mask?

N95 MaskImage source: Jiri Hera/Adobe

An N95 mask means that it is required to filter out of the air at least 95% of 0.3-micron particles. That size particle includes droplets and other smaller hazardous particles in the air. For reference, 0.3-microns is about 1/100th the size of a human hair.

Another key point of N95 masks is that they all require two headbands. One for the top portion of the mask, and one for the bottom portion. This allows an even better seal so you don’t wear a high quality face mask and then breathe in contaminated air from around the mask instead of filtering the air through it.

Before we get to these N95 masks for sale online, there’s something else our readers have been searching for. So many people prefer KN95 masks to N95 masks because they use earloops instead of headbands. If you’ve been on the lookout for good KN95 masks to try, we’ve not terrific news. There are finally KN95 masks on Amazon that are made in the USA!

Breathease KN95 masks are best-sellers right now at Amazon. And the fact that they’re made in the USA isn’t the only highlight worth showcasing. According to the manufacturer, these masks are tested by a third party to ensure that they meet the highest safety standards. That might give you some peace of mind if you decide to try them out.

Breatheze KN95 Face Mask MADE IN USA Particulate Respirator Protective Face Mask (10-Pack) List Price:$14.99 Price:$12.99 You Save:$2.00 (13%) Buy Now Available from Amazon, BGR may receive a commission

NIOSH N95 masks for sale online

Now, in addition to that best-selling option, another opportunity has emerged: Amazon is selling Kimberly-Clark NIOSH N95 Masks directly to consumers instead of only to hospitals and government agencies. These NIOSH-approved N95 masks also happen to be discounted right now compared to the prices we saw even a few months ago. That means you can pick them up for just $0.84 each when you buy a 50-pack. That’s a fantastic price for these best-selling N95 masks! Can you imagine NIOSH N95 masks for sale online for less than $1 last year? Some people were paying $10 per mask!

Tons of our readers have been raving about those masks because they’re all popular options that are down to the best prices we’ve seen in a long time. And as Dr. Fauci recently stated, we’ll likely have to continue to wear face masks until sometime in 2022 because of all the new coronavirus mutations that are circulating right now.

Kimberly-Clark PROFESSIONAL N95 Pouch Respirator (53358), NIOSH-Approved, Made in U.S.A., Regul… List Price:$57.90 Price:$41.99 You Save:$15.91 (27%) Buy Now Available from Amazon, BGR may receive a commission

You can find plenty of NIOSH-approved N95 respirator masks listed on Amazon right now. Unfortunately, last year most of them are not available for purchase to the general public. Instead, only hospitals and government agencies were permitted by Amazon to place orders for those listings.

This Amazon policy was an effort to help ensure that healthcare professionals and first responders have access to personal protective equipment. Of course, it was totally understandable if not commendable. That said, things have changed now. There are still many people out there in search of N95 face masks for themselves. Looking for a popular option at a great price? These 50-count boxes of Kimberly-Clark NIOSH N95 Masks are your answer. $0.86 per mask is one of the best prices we’ve ever seen for NIOSH N95 respirators that are available to the general public.

What is the difference between N95 and KN95?

NIOSH N95 Face Mask
A KN95 respirator face mask. Image source: sommart/Adobe

So you are asking what is the difference between a N95 and KN95? The good news is that most of it is actually between the regulatory oversight between countries. For instance, in Asia, KN95s are an N95 equivalent. N95 masks are certified based on the U.S. standard, while KN95 masks are certified based on the Chinese standard. This basically means that only N95 masks are certified for healthcare workers in the U.S., despite the fact that KN95 masks offer a similar level of protection.

The certification process? N95 masks have to pass an inspection process from the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), which is part of the Centers for Disease Control. U.S. companies that want to build KN95 masks, on the other hand, can get approval from the FDA, which works through an emergency authorization for a foreign certification.

It’s important to note that while the N95 face mask standard is U.S.-based and the KN95 standard is China-based, plenty of companies make masks in both regions, for both standards. That’s to say, U.S. companies can build KN95-certified masks, while Chinese companies can build N95-certified masks. Neither of the two standards is really superior to the other.

There is one minor difference between the two standards. The standard is a little stricter when it comes to the pressure when users breathe in and out. That can make these masks slightly more breathable.

You can read more on our N95 vs KN95 guide here.

This sale might not last long

It is of course worth mentioning that there’s a slight chance that this listing is a mistake. That said, we highly doubt that’s the case. As we mentioned, Amazon used to restrict the sales of NIOSH N95 masks. This way, only certain types of organizations could purchase them. Thankfully, supply has improved and that’s no longer the case.

Amazon sells these Kimtech N95 face masks directly, rather than a third-party seller. First of all, that gives some people peace of mind. Secondly, it also means this listing is available at the best possible price. After all, there’s no smaller third-party distributor taking a cut. The only bad news is that this listing has gone in and out of stock a few times already. Maybe that’s because the price is so low that it almost seems like a mistake!

Whether or not this pricing for Kimberly-Clark NIOSH N95 Masks is an error, Amazon will still fill orders that are placed while it’s open to everyone. Either way, these are some of the most desirable NIOSH N95 masks for sale online. Definitely stock up while you can!

Kimberly-Clark PROFESSIONAL N95 Pouch Respirator (53358), NIOSH-Approved, Made in U.S.A., Regul… List Price:$57.90 Price:$41.99 You Save:$15.91 (27%) Buy Now Available from Amazon, BGR may receive a commission

More N95 masks

Some people aren’t a fan of that “duckbill” design or they’re just looking for other N95 mask options so they can see which one fits best. Amazon is also now offering Honeywell N95 masks and Makrite triple-layer flat fold N95 masks. Both options are NIOSH-approved and people seem to really love them. They’re also not expensive at all, especially compared to last year’s prices!

Honeywell Surgical N95 Respirator, Safety NIOSH-Approved, 20-pack (DC365N95HC) Price:$27.10 Buy Now Available from Amazon, BGR may receive a commission Makrite Triple-Layer Disposable Flat Fold N95 Respirator Mask (40 Respirators) Price:$64.85 Buy Now Available from Amazon, BGR may receive a commission

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