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10 paid iPhone apps on sale for free right now

Best Free iPhone Apps

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It’s OK, you can admit it, you’re getting bored of the apps you currently have on your iPhone. They’re definitely useful, of course, but you’re tired of flipped through the same seven apps over and over again. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered: today’s list of paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free is our best of the week so far. You’ll also find a few freebies in yesterday’s post if you want even more apps to check out.

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These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time this post was written. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “get,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app, you will be charged.


Normally $3.99.

“Relook enhances natural beauty better than any other app on mobile!”

It provides the tools used by professional fashion photographers in simple to use interface. Now you can easily turn photos or selfies into magazine quality portraits. Relook’s Bright-3™ skin layering and multi-phase frequency separation techniques ensure exceptional natural looking results.

– Diminish the appearance of pores, wrinkles, grease and highlights. Relook guarantees an even looking, natural skin.

– Relook’s Healing tool fixes spots and pimples instantly by replacing the spot intelligently with the best possible match. It’s much faster and easier than other traditional touch-up apps.
– The Soft Clone tool lets you easily replace upper layers of skin whilst maintaining the original base layers. It’s a perfect tool to remove wrinkles ensuring exceptionally natural looking results.

– Lighten skin tones, remove redness, brighten eye color, add intensity and adjust lighting and shadows. Relook’s advanced Soft-Color tone adjustment tools let you show your face in the best possible light
– Use Clarity to accentuate the best areas and Defocus to highlight the face from the background

– Highlight and brighten eyes or change eye colour
– Add volume to your lashes and shape your brows

– Correct any lens distortion and enhance facial and body shapes
– Refine nose, cheekbones and brows
– Enlarge or shrink a specific area of the image

– Finalise your editing using the amazing set of tailor-made presets.
– The presets are designed for portraits providing tones that fit for every skin type.

– Using Relook, the keen amateur or professional photographer alike can export their results with layer data to Lightroom or Photoshop for extended editing. Creative Cloud, iCloud Drive and Dropbox supported for .psd export.

Download Relook


Normally $0.99.

Humidity is a beautiful and ad free way to view your humidity levels and other various weather statistics based on your current location.

Receive up to the minute updates on
– Humidity
– Temperature
– Precipitation
– Cloud Cover
– Wind Speed
– O Zone

Watch app coming soon!!

Download Humidity

One Touch Dial

Normally $1.99.

#1 Speed Dial and T9 dial/smart dial app in the Apple store.

One Touch Dial reached:
#1 in Utilities in 63 countries!
Top 5 in Utilities in 95 countries!
Top 10 in Utilities in 112 countries!

Connecting with people has never been easier with T9 One Touch Dial!

With our speed dial app it takes only one tap to connect with your favorite contacts.

Make calls, text message, Skype, Instagram, connect with social networks and much more without leaving the app!

With T9 One Touch Dial you can:
-Google Chrome
-T9 smart dial
anyone in your contacts

One Touch Dial also has a T9 combined dialer/smart dial. With T9 smart dial you can:
-Quick and Easy search by part of a contact name or a number. At no time you will be able to find a person in your iPhone contact list and dial his number right away.
-Quick dial
-Quick Message
-One Touch Dial allows you to display search results on the whole screen.
-recent Call History

One Touch Dial T9 is an amazing speed dial app that enables you to create speed dial icons to connect with people with one simple touch via phone call, text, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, email, Skype and much more!

Assign a contact icon or a favorite photo and choose up to 5 ways to connect: Call, Text, Instagram, Facebook, Skype, Whatsapp, Twitter and URL

T9 One touch Dial has a very intuitive and user friendly interface.

T9 dialer.

You can create up to 15 one touch dial icons per screen.

You can assign up to 5 specific actions to your speed dial image.

You can assign different sizes to the icons.

You can create an unlimited number of one touch icons to Call, Text, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Email, Skype and URL.

You can choose your favorite photo or image for each speed dial icon. You can even assign a color to the image.

You can pinch to zoom in/out to change the number of contacts you would like to see.

You can choose from a larger variety of preset icons and background colors.

One Touch Dial has unique and fully customizable speed dial icons.

Download One Touch Dial

The Merck Manual – Professional Edition

Normally $34.99.

• The top-rated Merck Manual app for professionals
• Named as one of 10 Essential Medical Apps in App Store

For over 100 years, healthcare professionals have relied on the Merck Manual for essential information on diagnosing and treating medical disorders. Now in its 19th Edition, The Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy is the work of more than 300 independent contributors, all recognized experts in their fields. The Professional Edition app puts the widely used medical textbook at the professional’s fingertips, whenever and wherever it’s needed. The top-rated app runs beautifully on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, and is fully self-contained: no Internet connection is needed to access the great content of The Merck Manual.

The trusted content of the Professional edition addresses thousands of diseases and treatments, features clinical approaches to each category of disorder and provides specific guidance on patient evaluation. Designed specifically for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, the app preserves the quality of The Merck Manual content while creating a simple and appealing user experience.

• Access the content anywhere (Internet not needed)
• Does not require registration, subscription or software downloads

• Find information on patient symptoms quickly
• Browse through sections, chapters and topics
• Navigate easily between topics in a chapter
• Jump quickly to sub-headers within topics

• Utilize the full index of the Merck Manual
• Perform full-text searches that include index terms
• Search terms highlighted within text of topics
• Resize text for easy reading

• Email a link on any topic
• Bookmark favorite topics
• Automatically records the history of topics you viewed
• Remembers the last topic you visited

About Merck Manuals

Our mission is simple:
We believe that health information is a universal right and that every person is entitled to accurate, accessible and usable medical information. We have a responsibility to protect, preserve and share the best current medical information to enable more informed decisions, enhance relationships between patients and professionals, and improve health care outcomes around the world.

That’s why we are making the Merck Manuals available for free in digital form to professionals and patients around the world. No registration or subscription required, and no ads.

NOND-1179303-0001 04/16

This mobile application is intended for Healthcare Professionals in the United States, Canada, its territories and Puerto Rico only.

Download The Merck Manual – Professional Edition

Rhein II

Normally $0.99.

Best app for protecting your photos and videos, this app requires a password to open. You can add photos from the Photo Album or via the camera. This app support arrange the photos by date, location and media type. Even though your photos are protected inside the app, you can still move them in and out of the app easily enough if you choose to do so.

There are plenty of good reasons why you might want to password protect photos on you iPhone, from protecting family photos from falling into the hands of strangers to keeping sexy photos from prying eyes.

Download Rhein II

Ringtone Designer

Normally $1.99.

All in ONE free RINGTONES App (convert music & record with mic)


+ Ringtone (default and for each contact)
+ Text tone (default and for each contact)
+ New voice mail alert
+ New mail alert
+ Calendar alert
+ Reminder alert
+ …

– Create ringtones with VOICE MORPHING effects.

– Create unlimited ringtones from songs in Music Library of your iPhone.

– Create unlimited ringtones from recording sounds.

– Create ringtone with audio files from another applications (which apps have Open In function) .

Download Ringtone Designer


Normally $0.99.

– Pomodoro, only to improve efficiency
– Focus on work, get rid of procrastination, program management, statistical

Pomodoro (English: Pomodoro Technique) is a time management method, the method uses a timer to split out a general working time of 25 minutes and 5 minute break. Focus on something, to achieve efficient work purposes.

The main function:
** ** Fast Open
1. spolight search ios system of 1 to 60 can be quickly opened Pomodoro
2. Support 3DTouch phone supports rapid opening Pomodoro
3. In the notification bar can be added to the Quick Launch Widget

** ** Quick action plan
1. Right slide complete
2. Left slide More Actions (again, hidden)

** ** Statistics Report
Caring for your statistics daily, weekly, monthly, yearly statistics tomato clock, you clearly see the recent work efficiency and trends. Reflection progress

** ICloud sync **
Can be synced to iCloud, for mobile phones also can quickly retrieve data tomato

** Custom length and resting focused duration **
Pomodoro: You can customize the default 25 minutes
Break Hours: customizable, default 5 minutes

** Auto Focus **
After opening duration feature will automatically start the next tomato, 2 hours for the sake of your health after the end of a tomato

** ** Daily goal
Set daily goals, goals have the power, the default 8

** ** Deadlines set Todo
Easily view each task deadline, the pressure to have power to complete

** Set Todo intended use tomato times **
Planned tasks, make you more

Download Pomodoro

Explorer File Manager

Normally $0.99.

This app is a complete file manager and viewer.


– For iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.
– View files of many types, including images, movies, sound, text, web archives, PDFs.
– Copy, paste, rename, and move files.
– Dynamic file sharing folder of iTunes.
– Manage files in your Dropbox, Google Drive.
– Send files as email attachments.
– View and download email attachments.
– Full screen file viewer.

More ….

Download Explorer File Manager

Simply ToDo

Normally $0.99.

This is a ToDo manager for you without unnecessary functions with simple and clear interface that helps you to manage all your tasks.

– Create tasks in a few taps
– Create reminders that will notify you about important tasks
– Use swipe gestures to complete or delete entries
– Mark categories with colors

Download Simply ToDo

Brain Wave Zen Meditation

Normally $0.99.

3 Advanced Binaural Zen Meditation Programs combined with Soothing Ambient Nature Sounds to create the Ultimate Zen Meditation Experience. Sophisticated sequences of binaural tones synchronize the listeners brainwaves with low frequency theta waves associated with deep meditation.

*** The Science Behind Zen Meditation ***

Zen Meditation’s advanced brainwave programs are specifically designed for each meditation duration. The application makes use of Brainwave Entrainment techniques that utilize Binaural Brainwave Frequencies to induce a meditative state of mind in the user.

Note that head/earphones are required for this technique to be effective.

With this technique two different audible frequencies are played into each ear, with a soothing ambient background. When your brain processes these frequencies it perceives the difference between the two, which is the lower, inaudible brainwave frequency. Your brainwave frequencies then match this frequency through the process of Brainwave Entrainment.

*** Progressive Brainwave Entrainment ***

The programs begin by putting you in a relaxed, quiet state of mind, before taking you into a longer period of deep theta wave meditation, and then finally bringing you out at a more wakeful, yet calm and relaxed state of mind.

*** Advanced Features ***

– Multiple ambient background sounds to choose from including Ocean Waves, Rain, Thunder and Pink Noise.

– Meditative carrier wave frequencies matching the “Om” frequency of the “Om” meditation sound. This frequency is known to relax the mind and help you let go of random or persistent thoughts that can hinder deep meditation. It is used to transport the inaudible binaural brainwave frequencies that are then processed and perceived by your brain.

– Adjustable Brainwave Intensity – The intensity of the brainwaves can be adjusted independently of the ambient background sound. This allows you to set the brainwave volume to your comfort level to create the ideal personal meditative experience. The application will also save your preference for future use.

*** Induced Brainwave Meditation Phases ***

– Alpha-wave relaxation to quiet your mind.
– Alpha/Theta-wave transition phase to empty your mind and ease you into a meditative state.
– Theta-wave meditation. This is the longest phase and uses a blend of theta-waves to create the optimal meditative experience.
– Alpha-wave transition to help end the meditation period.
– Alpha/Beta-wave phase to bring you to a calm, yet alert state of mind.

Zen Meditation’s advanced brainwave entrainment techniques help to create a serene, blissful meditative experience.

Meditation is beneficial both mentally and physically. Mentally, it centers your mind, lowers stress, improves problem solving ability and makes handling daily challenges easier. Physically, it can lower blood pressure and reduce stress hormones that cause our bodies to store fat.

BrainWave Zen Meditation helps you to block out distractions, empty your mind of random or persistent thoughts, and make the most of your meditative experience. You can use it every day, especially while commuting home on a train, bus or airplane to help you empty your mind and leave work behind.

Warning: This application is highly effective and should never be used while driving or operating machinery.

If you have any prior medical conditions such as seizures consult a physician before using any binaural brainwave application.

Download Brain Wave Zen Meditation

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