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11 paid iPhone apps on sale for free today

Updated Dec 19th, 2018 9:16PM EST
Best Free iPhone Apps

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Our list of paid iPhone and iPad apps on sale for free is coming in a little behind schedule today, but we’ve done our best to make sure that it was worth the wait. We’ve got 11 apps in total today that span a number of categories, and there are also still a whole bunch of freebies in yesterday’s post if you want to head back there to grab them.

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These are paid iPhone and iPad apps that have been made available for free for a limited time by their developers. There is no way to tell how long they will be free. These sales could end an hour from now or a week from now — obviously, the only thing we can guarantee is that they were free at the time this post was written. If you click on a link and see a price listed next to an app instead of the word “get,” it is no longer free. The sale has ended. If you download the app, you will be charged.

Camera Complete

Normally $1.99.

The very first camera app with truly handy controls, truly focus peaking mode (like professional video camcorders), truly fast continuous shooting and truly manual control from your Apple Watch.

Manual camera controls are one hand reachable in the any device orientation. Even on the iPad.

You can easily spot a focus area and setup focus area spot color, gain and noise reduction.

Camera complete automatically set exposure duration for the best continuous shooting speed. Also it works, when you want to make a series of the quick single photos.

You can control exposure, focus and white balance from you Apple Watch.

* Feature is available on the iPhone 5s, iPad Air and higher device versions.
** 8-10 fps average on iPhone 6 and 20-25 fps on iPad Air

Download Camera Complete

Calendars 5

Normally $6.99.

Calendars 5 is complete re-imagining of what the best mobile calendar experience should be.

Calendars 5 is smart, excels in both tasks and events and runs on any iOS device you might have. It’s the calendar app you have been looking for.

Three things you’ll love about Calendars 5:

◆ Natural Language Input ◆
Just enter “Meet John at Starbucks on Sunday” and Calendars 5 will create the event for you.

◆ Task Manager ◆
Easy to use task manager that has everything you need to organize, track and complete your to-dos.

◆ First-class iPad calendar ◆
The first smart calendar for the iPad. Its large screen is great for managing your daily schedule and enables richer interaction with your calendar.

What makes Calendars 5 great in use:

◆ Interface focused on events
Elegant and easy to use interface makes it super simple to get a quick overview of the upcoming events and tasks. You always keep your focus on what’s important; there is nothing to distract you.

◆ Day, Week, Month and List views of your events.
Calendars 5 illustrates your Day, Week and Month on a small iPhone screen the best possible way. Depending on the situation, select the view that conveniently unveils your schedule.

◆ Works online and offline
Create, edit and delete events or tasks whenever you need it. All changes will be synced back to your account once you are online.

◆ All the features you love
Create custom recurring events (yoga every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday), get reminders or set custom alerts, invite people to your events and more.

◆ Act as you feel it
Intuitively create events with just one tap in your calendar. Drag and Drop tasks and events, swipe to switch between days and weeks, return to your ‘Today’ schedule with one tap.

Download Calendars 5

Photo Flashback

Normally $0.99.

A simple app that shows all the photos on your iPhone, iPad and your iCloud Photo Library that were taken on this day throughout the years.

*** Once you’ve put all your photos together you deserve an app to easily relive all your memories and discover old pictures again. Photo Flashback does exactly this.

AppAdvice: It’s a simple but smart app, and one users will enjoy. Now, however, Photo Flashback is even better.

Be surprised every day! You can also look up any day of the year, perfect for special occasion days like birthdays and anniversaries!

– Notifications for when you have Flashback photos
– Notification Center Today widget
– Apple Watch app, Glance and custom Notification
– Favorite or delete a photo from within the app
– Include or exclude this years photos
– Share a photo using the build-in system share sheet
– Your privacy is important, especially regarding your photos. All of the functionality of the app is done locally on your device, even notifications. When downloading a photo from iCloud, the app asks iOS to do it. Sharing is done only when the user chooses to do it.

A note on notifications: They are not enabled by default and you can enable them in the settings menu (the icon on the top left corner). You can choose what time to receive the notifications.

Download Photo Flashback

Camera Unleashed pro

Normally $0.99.

Camera Unleashed is about one thing – shooting unlimited photos !
Camera Unleashed is the first-ever camera application with free, unlimited cloud space, allowing you to shoot unlimited photos & videos without taking any phone storage.

Featured Highlights:

** Shoot unlimited photos without taking phone storage**
Do you always run out of storage on your phone? This is where Camera Unleashed steps in! The app automatically and safely upload all of your photos to the cloud as soon as you shoot them, so that you can share or view them later. No more worrying about running out of space for your private photos and videos!

**Secure & Reliable cloud storage with AWS**
Camera Unleashed integrates Amazon Web Service, one of the safest cloud services in the market. Help to keep your precious memories safe by backing up your photos to the cloud, protecting them even if your phone takes a dip in the ocean!

**Multi-device support, never lose your photos**
Manage billions of photos on one account. You can view iPhone photos on any other device in real time. No need to transfer photos every time you switch devices, and no more worrying about losing photos if your phone is lost or stolen.

**One-tap beautify & Unique live filters**
Get rid of fake looking photos? Want to put some magic in your picture?
It won’t take more than 1 second with one-tap beautify function of Camera Unleashed;
You can also snap photos with quality effects and stickers applied in real time.

**Share precious moments in less than a moment**
No more ‘Send me photos later’! Take a great group selfie at a party? Camera Unleashed ‘s Shared Album features make all photos instantly available to the right group members – with you at the party or anywhere else on the planet! No need for Bluetooth or slower file transferring options.

Download Camera Unleashed pro

My Files

Normally $0.99.

iFileExpress is a powerful tool to manage,protect files and transfer local storage such as pictures,music,videos and documents between Apple mobile device and PC/Mac.Best used together with iFunbox for fast file transferring from PC/Mac.

With iFileExpress you can
-Passcode Lock with Touch ID to protect your private photosideos and confidential documents
-View verieties of file types like JPG,PDF,Office documents,even some video types like RMVB,AVI and etc.
-Creat and edit texts to deal with your personal notes easily and safely on your Apple mobile device
-Sharing texts,photos,videos,webpages,even locations with iFileExpress can help you keep enternal records.
-Share photos,videos or other files in iFileExpress with other apps

Key Features:
-Privacy protection
Are you afraid of others’ peeking? iFileExpress helps you out!Fingerprint authentication via Touch ID helps you protect your privacy perfectly.
-Transfer files fastly,conveniently and reliablely
Transfer local storage between Apple mobile device and PC/Mac.How convenient it will be with 1 minute for a full HD movie, 10 seconds for a music album and 1 second for a PDF report, a Word document, an XLS spreadsheet or a PPT slide desk.
-Intelligent file manager
Automatically recognise the veriety of file type and support most common file types
-Support two-way transmission via Share
-Support 3D Touch-enabled actions:more convenient way to view documents and photos.

New features will be coming soon.Stay tuned!

Download My Files

Cards for Reddit

Normally $8.99.

Cards for Reddit is a simple, beautiful way to browse reddit. Designed in the familiar “cards” UI that will make viewing content seamless on your iPhone.

• Browse the front page and log in to view all of your favorite subreddits
• All photos and videos appear inline with touch to preview functionality
• Tap on comments to expand and collapse all replies
• Upvote/downvote any post
• Access your reddit inbox and comment or direct message with the chat bubble style

Download Cards for Reddit

Universal Movie Player

Normally $0.99.

Universal Movie Player is the universal mediaplayer for your iPhone and iPad

Main features:
• Support 3D Touch (only for iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus)
• The huge amount of supported video formats
• Enabled video search via Spotlight (iOS 9 or above)
• Touch ID or password protection
• Sync videos via Wi-Fi or USB using iTunes for Mac, PC
• Built-in Search
• Access to the camera roll for video import
• Sort by: name, date, type
• Support folders, rename it, move or delete video/ folder
• Marks for the new video
• “Open in” function from Mail attachments
• Favorites

Video Player features:
• Save the last played position
• Support gestures. Swipe left/ right – rewind back/ forth. Swipe up/ down – change the brightness. Swipe right up/ down – change the volume
• Support subtittles, support availible external subtitles
• Support audio tracks
• Support hardware acceleration H.264
• Playback speed: 0.5X to 2.0X
• Aspect ratio: standart, 4:3, 5:4, 16:9, 16:10, 2.21:1, others
• Ability to set up brightness, contrast and saturation.
• Video streaming

Network Services:
• Cloud services: iCloud Drive, Google Drive
• Network services: WebDAV/ Windows SMB/ uPnP/ DLNA

• Step-by-step user guide

Download Universal Movie Player


Normally $2.99.

iSchool is a study organizer and Timetable Schedule Planner, both for schools and universities. Very minimalistic but has everything you need. Convenient study-schedule, notes are attached to classes, homework with notifications, grades, grade’s analytic. Take a pictures or use voice recording as a note. Very simple. Very useful.

With iSchool you can:

– Keep track of your study Timetable Schedule, make notes during your classes
– Track your tasks – homework, assignments, get notified in advance about deadlines
– Keep your grades, compute a grade average by semesters and overall
– Share you homework through the social networks or bluetooth interface

Download iSchool


Normally $4.99.

Ananda helps you meditate, focus and relax with progressive binaural tones and high quality peaceful sounds.

-Enhance your brainwaves
Choose from one of Ananda’s numerous binaural programs to focus, relax, meditate, or even to get the most out of a nap. Each program comes with binaural beats designed to help you reach a specific mood or state of mind.

-Discover a new ambiance every time
Each session provides a subtly fresh, new ambiance. A unique combination of nature sounds, chants, mantras and peaceful bells is generated on top of binaural tones every time you start Ananda.

-Recharge and feel good
Take a break at home, at the office, or in the subway. Even a few minutes of Ananda will get you refreshed and ready to deliver your best while staying calm and zen.

Main Features

– 13 Binaural programs
– Conscious Thinking
– Focus & Concentration
– Increased Attention
– Learn & Memorize
– Creativity
– Energize
– Deep Meditation
– Lucid Dreaming
– Intuition
– Relaxation
– Restorative Sleep
– Power Nap
– Wake Up

– Short description and benefits of every binaural program
– High quality nature and peaceful sounds
– Choose the sounds you prefer
– Sounds are mixed together in a new way for every session
– Simple and minimalist design
– Information on brainwaves and binaural tones included in the app

Download now and let us know how Ananda Meditate, Focus and Relax helps you in your daily activities.

Download Ananda

BrainWave Tuner

Normally $3.99.

***26 + preset brainwave patterns. Nominated as ‘Best Healthcare and Fitness App’ by Handango. ***

You must have heard about brainwave test in medical field. Doctors can detect people’s mood condition according to the brainwave frequency. Since you know it, have you ever hear the sound of brainwave in reality? Maybe not. Now BrainWave Tuner can help you experience the wave sound with your earphones on your iPhone.

BrainWave Tuner is an integration of advanced Electroencephalography theory and considerate humane operating design. The most distinctive feature of BrainWave Tuner is that the wave sound is specially designed to cater users’ unique needs. With different wave patterns, user can relax his body and mind and stimulate his thought. Once tuned in, the brain will be closed into a quiet status and become calm. The wave strength can be changed from weak to strong to achieve best effect.

*Distinguished Features

– Easy-to-use user interface
– Advanced Electroencephalography theory fully employed
– 26 professionally built brainwave patterns with more to come
– Pleasant ambient nature sounds to accompany the brainwave session
– Adjustable volume/strength for both brainwave and ambient sounds
– Configurable duration for your brainwave sessions

*26 Brainwave Entrainment Programs

– Headache Treatment Ⅰ(steady 10/5)
– Headache Treatment Ⅱ(steady 10/5, circular)
– Headache Treatment Ⅲ(varying 10/5)
– Pain Relief
– Meditation
– Schumann Resonance
– Dreamy
– Sleep Induction
– Relaxation
– De-Stress
– Self-hypnosis
– Attention Increase
– Creativity EnhancingⅠ(steady)
– Creativity Enhancing Ⅱ (quavering)
– IQ Increase
– Memory Boost
– The Awakened Mind
– Quick Mental Refresher
– Energy Boost
– Confidence Boost
– Learning Aid Ⅰ(for subliminal)
– Learning Aid Ⅱ(for studying)
– White Noise of Ocean Waves
– White Noise of Shoveling Sand
– White Noise of Rain and Windshield
– High Frequencies

*Here Are Recent Feedbacks From Brainwave Tuner Users

“I bought Brainwave Tuner just to try it out and have some fun with this “brain stimulator”. I never really believed in it. But then I noticed it really did work!”

“The Brainwave Tuner has helped me to regularize disrupted sleep and waking cycles in a very short time. The headache treatment is very efficient.”

Note: Don’t exercise while listening to Delta. Don’t sleep while listening to Beta. And never operate anything dangerous when listening.


People with seizure disorders and other health issues should consult their doctor before using any binaural brainwave entrainment app.

Download BrainWave Tuner

instag Free

Normally $0.99.

Tag your pics like never before !
Want more likes to your photos now ?

Download INSTAG immediately it helps you to add hashtags to your Instagram photos easily ,You MIGHT get more likes and followers.
INSTAG provides best hashtags for your precious pics just copy the tags and paste it in Instagram !


● 1 Tap to Copy Hashtags !
● Find the most popular Users of instagram
● Get More Instagram Likes and Followers
● Tag @instag or #instag on Instagram for a shoutout or to featured in our next post!
● Find the most popular hashtags
● Simple and easy-to-use layout.
● Easily request for a new category by sending a mail

## How To Use ##

● Simply select a category, click on COPY button, and Paste into your Instagram photos !
● Add categories to favorites by tapping the star on the top right!
● Create your own custom categories with hashtags of your choice and use them later or whenever
you want just click on custom button and add your tags with # sign and then click on save button that’s it !

## INSTAG Lite VS Pro ##

● Unlimited Custom Category slots!
● No Ads!
● Access to all 100 top Instagram hashtags

Download instag Free

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