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Drunk Uber passenger falls asleep, driver takes him on a 20-mile detour

Updated 4 years ago
Published Mar 31st, 2016 11:27PM EDT
Drunk Uber Passenger

Ordering an Uber is a great way to get back home safely when you’ve had a little bit too much to drink. Unfortunately, if you get too drunk and just so happen to pass out in the backseat of your Uber, you’re effectively at the mercy of your driver. While we’d like to assume that most Uber drivers in such situations would take drunken passengers straight home, one Uber passenger in the U.K. had the exact opposite experience.

In a quirky story that has made headlines across the globe (via CNN), an Uber rider in London passed out in the backseat whereupon the driver decided to test his luck and take advantage of the situation. So instead of taking the inebriated passenger straight home in what would have been a quick and painless 4-mile journey, our enterprising hero of a driver instead opted to go on a 20-mile detour before ultimately reaching the intended destination, all in an effort to rack up a more expensive trip.

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After sobering up the next morning, the Uber passenger was flabbergasted when he took a look at the route used to get him home. The photo of the route in question was posted to Twitter (with a DAAAAAAAMN UBER tagline) where it quickly began making the rounds.

When the dust settled, the rider was charged approximately $150 for what should have been a ~$22 trip back home. As you can tell below, the Uber driver took a bizarre and needlessly long circuitous route to the destination.

When Uber got wind of the story, it investigated the claim and gave the rider a full refund.

Interestingly enough, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard of an Uber passenger being taken for a ride (pardon the pun). Just last month, a man in Washington D.C. fell asleep in his Uber and was charged $171 for a 71-mile trip that should have just been 1-mile long.

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