• 3M N95 masks on Amazon have only been available to healthcare professionals and first responders for months, and rightfully so.
  • Right now, however, Amazon is offering everyone a rare opportunity to order certain 3M N95 face masks.
  • Some are available to ship right away while others won’t ship until later this summer, but doctors are saying we should continue to wear masks for at least a year so it can’t hurt to stock up now.

The CDC has a special section on its website that’s all about how you can protect yourself and your family from contracting the novel coronavirus. As it pertains to face masks, the page makes two statements in particular that everyone needs to be aware of. First, it says to “cover your mouth and nose with a cloth face cover when around others.” There are no exceptions for able adults or children over the age of two. For the foreseeable future, masks are an absolute necessity. But the second thing you should make note of is a few bullet points below that: “Do NOT use a facemask meant for a healthcare worker.”

We always tell our readers not to buy N95 face masks for two reasons. First, they’re needed by healthcare professionals and first responders. Second, they’re price-gouged anywhere almost anywhere you can find them. Instead, all you need are masks like Amazon’s best-selling 3-layer face masks. As long as you wear them anytime you’re outside your home, and as long as you also practice social distancing, these masks will do a fine job of protecting you and those around you. They’re on sale right now for only 54¢ each, so you really have no excuses.

Our advice hasn’t changed for the near term. Don’t run out and buy N95 face masks for between $10 and $20 apiece. That said, it is good to have some face masks that offer better protection on hand. For regular day-to-day use, the cloth masks above are perfect. For higher-risk situations like taking public transportation or visiting a doctor’s office, however, it’s good to have added protection.

Another great opportunity is a mistake that someone made over at Amazon — Honeywell face masks that are only supposed to be for hospitals are now available for anyone to order! These will sell out fast at just $1.68 per mask, so hurry up and grab them while you can.

MagiCare KN95 face masks are the most popular option on Amazon, and they have been for quite a while. What’s more, they’re on sale for $3.15 each right now, which is a very good price. Definitely grab a few boxes to keep on hand before they sell out. But you also have a rare opportunity to get even better masks for even less money.

That’s right, Amazon has 3M N95 face masks available right now on its site for anyone and everyone to order. What’s more, they cost just $3.30 each, which is a fraction of what you’ll pay elsewhere. We’ve seen 3M 8200 model masks listed for as much as $15-$20 on some sites. What’s the catch, you ask? It’s simple: They won’t ship until late summer.

Here’s the thing: the novel coronavirus isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, most doctors say we’ll have to keep wearing face masks outside our homes for at least a year. Face masks shouldn’t be reused more than a few times at most, so we’re going to need plenty of them in the months to come. Just take a look at the news and you’ll see that coronavirus cases are already climbing again all across the country. We’ve only barely just begun to reopen the economies in many states across the US, so face masks will be an ongoing need for the foreseeable future.

Now, by the time late summer rolls around and these 3M N95 face masks from Amazon ship, healthcare workers and first responders should have a surplus of PPE, face masks included. That’s why we’re okay with suggesting these masks to order readers. Supplies are actually already beginning to increase, and we think these 3M masks will likely ship long before the date listed right now on Amazon.

It should be noted that high-quality N95 masks from companies like 3M are typically restricted on Amazon so that only hospitals and government agencies can order them. For that reason, this listing is likely a mistake on Amazon and you might not have very long to place your order. Definitely buy a few 20-packs now so you have them in abundance later this summer. In the meantime, another extremely rare opportunity just popped up at Amazon.

Once these masks inevitably sell out, which won’t take long, here are two terrific alternatives: 3M R95 face masks and Hui You KN95 face masks.

3M 6000 Series face masks are among the best in the business. They’re made of high-quality materials that are impervious to germs and viruses, and they use replaceable filters that are rated either N95/P95, which means they filter at least 95% percent of tiny airborne particles like aerosolized coronavirus, or they’re rated P100, which means they filter at least 99.7% of particles including particles in oils. These masks are also typically available on Amazon only to hospitals and government agencies, but right now there are some exceptions!

Medium 3M 6200 Respirator Face Masks and Large 3M 6300 Respirator Face Masks are both in stock right now at Amazon and ready to ship. What’s more, anyone can buy them, not just healthcare workers!

As for filters, we’ve got three great NIOSH-approved options for you that are all ready to ship and will arrive at your home within a week or two. The first one is made by 3M itself!

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