• Unfortunate though it may be, people are finally starting to face the reality that the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is spreading across the United States and at this point, we’re woefully underprepared.
  • The best thing you can do to protect yourself is limit social interactions as much as possible and ensure that you constantly wash your hands and use hand sanitizers like Purell, if available.
  • A huge problem many people don’t realize is that washing your hands is ineffective if you then pick up your germ-covered smartphone — that’s why a UV-C sanitizer box can play a huge roll in helping you avoid the novel coronavirus.
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The mood is grim right now across the United States and around the world, and rightfully so. The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is already one of the most severe outbreaks in modern history and it’s going to get worse before it gets better. That’s especially true in the United States, where the outbreak has barely even begun. Some experts believe that nearly all Americans will come in contact with the virus at some point in the coming months, and more than one-third of our entire population could be infected.

Now, it’s only natural to panic in situations like this, but it’s also important to do your best to keep a level head. The fact is that unless you’re elderly or immunocompromised due to a pre-existing condition, you’ll likely only have a mild case of the novel coronavirus even if you do catch it. Most cases are indeed mild. Still, catching it yourself means spreading it to others and that’s how more at-risk people get sick. Everyone must do his or her part to limit the spread as much as possible.

Purell is nearly impossible to come by at this point, Constantly washing your hands is more effective anyway. Amazon still has plenty of hand soap available in stock if your local stores are sold out. In fact, you shouldn’t really even be going to your local stores anymore at this point unless you have no choice, so just order online. But if you wash your hands thoroughly and then pick up a filthy smartphone, you’ve just undone all the precautions you’ve been taking.

Purell and Clorox wipes are both great ways to sanitize your smartphone, but only if you have them on hand since they’re sold out everywhere. Another great option is a smartphone sanitizer that uses UV-C light, and two good options happen to be back in stock right now on Amazon. The first is the HoMedics UV-Clean Portable Sanitizer, which is a nice big case from a company whose products we have tested in the past. It has four UV-C lights and can run through 18 cleaning cycles per charge, so it’s a great option that you can take with you if you have to go out. At the time of this writing, it was in stock and shipping immediately

The second option comes from the same company and it’s called the HoMedics UV-Clean Ultra-Slim Phone Sanitizer. I have this one myself and I take it with me whenever I travel. It’s nice and compact but the top pops out and it cleans your phone with UV-C light in 1 minute. I typically do one cycle and then flip the phone for another cycle just to be on the safe side. The only thing you have to remember is that the needs to be zipped closed and the zipper pull needs to be stuck to the little magnetic safety button in order to run the sanitizer. That trips up some people at first.

This ultra-slim model was also in stock at the time of this writing, but shipping estimates already started to slip for one color option so you should definitely order soon.

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