The DEPSTECH WF010 Wireless Borescope Inspection Camera is on sale at a great price right now on Amazon, and we just told you about it earlier this week. So why are we telling you again? Simple, it’s because this is one of the most popular smartphone accessories ever among our readers and it’s on sale right now within spitting distance of its lowest price.

If you’re unfamiliar with how these little gadgets work, prepare to be wowed. The WF010 connects wirelessly to your iPhone or Android phone and transforms it into a remote viewfinder. Snake the camera into just about anything — even into water, since it’s waterproof — and you’ll see what’s happening on your phone. You can snap still photos and record video if you want, so the possibilities are endless. It also comes with hook and magnet attachments for grabbing keys or jewelry from tight spaces, and a mirror attachment so you can see around corners!

This awesome device is the company’s best-selling model and it sells for $36. Clip the coupon on the product page, however, and you’ll only pay $28.79. Of course, if you want to step things up a bit, you can always upgrade to the DEPSTECH WF060 Wireless Borescope Inspection Camera instead. It has a dramatically improved 5-megapixel camera with zoom, and it’s 16.5 feet long as opposed to 11.5 feet. The retail price on this model is a hefty $66, but you can clip the 25% coupon and get it for only $49.49. Both of these coupons will disappear before the end of the day, so hurry or you’ll miss out.

DEPSTECH WF010 Wireless Borescope

DEPSTECH WF060 Wireless Borescope

Check out this review from the product page for some great notes on how useful this device can be:

This is my third endoscope. By far this is the best. It has the right amount of stiffness for most jobs. My other units would typically need me to tape stiff wire along the cable to get stiffness.

It is a bit fussy connecting to the wifi, and if the unit turns off you have to reconnect to the wifi. But there are advantages that I think make it worth it. For one thing, both my son and I could connect at the same time. He was fishing the endoscope through, and I was watching as it moved. I was able to spot things that he was missing as he concentrated on the mechanics of moving. I can also see where it would be handy if you wanted to monitor a situation. For example, set it up at a spot in the pipe and then go and turn on water. Or you could position it in a crevice and use your phone to monitor for rodents.

As someone else noted, with the light on full the battery only lasts a few minutes. But there are a couple of offsetting factors. One is that you probably will not run the lights at full power, even if you are probing in total darkness. Full brightness tends to wash out the detail The other is that you can hook up any external battery pack you would use for a cell phone. Or you can even plug it into a wall charger. The unit will run as long as it is getting external power.

The tools come in a little container. That is very nice. It is also good that they screw on securely instead of snapping on. I have lost tools because they snapped off in a drain. The tools are not perfect. They are all plastic. I am used to long, thin metal hooks. This one is shorter than the focal length; I would like it to be at least as long as the focal length. It is also plastic and seems flimsy. I do like to keep the hook attached as the default. I find that in a lot of cases it helps guide the scope and gives a frame of reference.

The instructions say to change the resolution. I ignored that at first, but once I reset the scope’s resolution to match my phone the picture quality and apparent depth of field improved dramatically.

DEPSTECH WF010 Wireless Borescope

DEPSTECH WF060 Wireless Borescope

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