You read that headline correctly, boys and girls: the Hyquadio Waterproof Hydro-Powered Bluetooth 4.0 Shower Speaker doesn’t use any batteries and it never needs to be charged. Instead, this brilliant shower speaker installs behind your shower head and it’s powered by the water that runs through it on the way to the shower head. The sound quality isn’t quite on par with Bose, of course, but it’s definitely just as good as similarly priced shower speakers powered by batteries. Check it out!

Here’s the key info from the product page:

  • Never has to be recharged – Hyquadio has a micro hydroelectric generator that powers the speaker whenever you are showering.
  • Turns on automatically – When you start your shower Hyquadio automatically turns on and connects to your phone.
  • Better sound quality than the competition – Hyquadio features a Passive Bass Radiator which improves the bass response and audio quality.
  • Multi User support – Any previously paired phone can reconnect to Hyquadio without having to be re-paired.
  • Easy to install – Simply remove your current shower head and attach it to Hyquadio and then twist Hyquadio onto the shower arm.

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