After a series of leaks revealed the Pixel 4’s purported design, suggesting the phone will look a lot like the iPhone 11 when it comes to rear camera’s design and placement, Google posted a teaser image of the unannounced handset (above), practically confirming all these leaks. Since then, other leaks claimed that Google had been working on three distinct Pixel 4 designs, before choosing the one it teased. And we got to see a photo of a prototype discovered in the wild somewhere in London. Sadly, only the rear side of the phone was photographed, complete with that square-shaped camera module. We never got to see the front side of the phone, not from Google, at least. But a new series of renders give us a look at what the Pixel 4’s display design will look like, and tease a new color for the next Google flagship.

Posted on IndiaShopps the images that follow supposedly come from sources close to the Pixel smartphone development team.

Image Source: IndiaShopps

The images indicate the Pixel 4 will not have a notch or hole-punch camera. Instead, we’re looking at a traditional bezel at the top, which is what older rumors also claimed. Those reports said the bezel would include a variety of sensors, not just the two front-facing selfie cameras. That’s because Google is supposedly bringing 3D face recognition to the Pixel series, which needs a complex array of sensors at the top of the phone — that’s why the iPhone has a notch.

Image Source: IndiaShopps

It’s unclear whether the Pixel 4 will have an in-display fingerprint sensor. There certainly isn’t one on the back, as it was the case with all previous models. Some reports say the phone won’t have a fingerprint sensor, just like the iPhone X models.

Finally, the renders show a Mint Green color option for the Pixel 4 series, but there’s no reason to get excited about it just yet. We had rumors last year that said a mint Pixel 3 option would be available, but that never happened. By the way, the rear camera in the image above looks nothing like Google’s render. As always with leaks, there’s a chance these images are fake.

The Pixel 4 launches in early October, which gives us plenty of time to learn all its secrets.