Range Anxiety used to be a legitimate concern amongst prospective Tesla buyers. And with good reason, no one wants to find themselves stranded in the middle of nowhere with no charge left and not a charging station in sight. In an effort to address this concern, Tesla a few years ago astutely began rolling out a network of Supercharger stations wherein Tesla owners could charge up their vehicle in a relatively short amount of time.

In recent years, Tesla’s Supercharger network has expanded considerably all across the globe. As a point of reference, Tesla in 2014 had put up a total 221 Supercharger stations. By 2018, the number of Supercharger stations jumped to 1,375. Still, Tesla has no intention of scaling back its rollout of Supercharger stations, especially in light of how many more Tesla vehicles are on the road these days thanks to the popularity of the Model 3.

In light of that, Tesla CEO Elon Musk recently said that the electric automaker has plans to significantly expand its Supercharger network. Taking to Twitter, Musk specifically noted that Tesla’s Supercharger network will double by the end of 2019. What’s more, Musk said that 95% to 100% of people in “active markets” will be “within range” of a charging station next year. Per Tesla’s website, the company now has 1,375 Supercharger stations across the globe with 11,414 individual Superchargers.

It’s also worth nothing that Tesla next year has plans to roll out a next-gen version of its Supercharger network that will be able to charge vehicles at a much faster clip.

Incidentally, with the number of Teslas on the road exploding, Tesla this year ended free charging for new Model S and Model X buyers.