Google’s live TV streaming service, YouTube TV, has chosen a terrible time during the World Cup semi-final to stop working. According to posts on social media, it’s down across Chromecast streaming services, the browser, and mobile apps. Some users are saying that logging into Fox Sports with their YouTube TV app is working to fill the gap.

The service stopped working around 1500 EST, the half-time period of the World Cup match between England and Croatia. As of the time of writing, it’s not back up, but Google acknowledged the outage on the YouTube TV Twitter account, and said it should be up soon.

The live outage map on Down Detector shows current problems all across the United States, showing that it’s a general outage rather than something specific to a data center or a provider in one particular reason.

Reliability of live TV streaming services has been an issue in the past, with streaming services often having outages during major sporting events when there may be far more users than usual on the service.

“Hey everyone — sincere apologies for streaming issues with YouTube TV,” a posting from the official Twitter account said. “The timing is horrible but we’re working to be up and running again ASAP!”


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