We saw a bunch of nifty new home monitoring solutions unveiled last week at CES 2018, but there was nothing quite as cool as the Aura Starter Kit you can already get right now on Amazon. This system uses next-generation technology to “watch” for motion in your home. But unlike traditional motion detectors that actually do “watch” using cameras or infrared light, Aura uses nothing but Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi waves in your home create certain patterns as they bounce around, and those patterns change when people move around. Aura can read those changes and trigger alerts or smart home actions based on that motion.

Here’s some important info from the product page:

  • Easy setup: Simply plug in the devices and download the Aura app to get started
  • Coverage: Use the Aura Starter Kit to cover up to 700 square feet, and add up to 3 -Accessory Beacons to expand coverage and unlock motion localization capabilities
  • Automation: Connect Aura to your favourite smart home products using IFTTT, or control Aura’s Scenes by voice with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant
  • Privacy: Aura has no cameras or microphones so rest assured you can keep your private life private

The starter kit includes two beacons that cover 700 sq ft, but you can get additional beacons here:

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