Since its debut in 2014, HBO’s Silicon Valley has consistently been one of the best comedies on Television. The brainchild of Mike Judge and others, the acclaimed show skewers both Silicon Valley and start-up culture with an endless stream of exceptionally sharp and clever writing. Coupled with an all-star cast and compelling story lines, the show has consistently been one of the more heavily nominated TV shows over the past few years.

With the season 5 premiere scheduled to air on March 25, HBO earlier today issued a brand new trailer for the upcoming season. Notably, the fifth season will usher in a huge shift in the make-up of the show as T.J. Miller — who brilliantly played Erlich Bachman — will no longer be in the cast. As you may recall, Miller a few months back announced that he was leaving the show so he could focus on other comedic endeavors such as stand-up.

The trailer itself isn’t terribly revealing, and isn’t heavy on the laughs, though there is a quick mention of Bachman’s absence as we see Jin-Yang assume control of the incubator where Pied Piper was born.