Tonight, Tesla is set to unveil its 5th-ever vehicle, and it’s going to be like nothing we’ve seen so far. Because it’s not a car, or a weird bloated SUV: it’s a semi truck.

Elon Musk has teased the semi extensively, but we still don’t quite know what to expect. Luckily, this is 2017, and there’s a live stream you can watch at home. Just make sure the microwave’s on and ready to pop some corn.

Musk has a penchant for turning his product launches into mini-parties, which means that the event is set to start at 8PM, Pacific time. That’s 11PM EST, so maybe add some coffee to your list of supplies.

From what we know so far, the Tesla Semi (logical, and also fitting with Musk’s love of juvenile names) will be a fully-electric Class 8 truck weighing over 33,000 pounds, with a range of 300 miles and probably some class-leading autonomous driver aids.

The livestream should be up a few minutes before the Tesla Semi event starts, and we’ll make sure to embed it as soon as it goes live.