Most of the attention right now is on the iPhone X and the Apple Watch Series 3. But Apple’s older Watch still deserves some attention — as does the rest of its product lineup — and Best Buy is here to provide the spotlight with a surprise sale.

Right now, the Apple Watch Series 2 Sport models are all on sale, with the cheapest model just $229. That’s $140 down from the original selling price, and a healthy $70 discount on what it’s been selling for recently.

The Series 2 misses out on the LTE radio of the more expensive Series 3 model, and it’s lacking some things like increased waterproofing. But it’s still a decidedly capable smartwatch that makes for a good running and swimming companion, thanks to built-in GPS and heart-rate tracking. Of course, it also pairs well with your iPhone to do smartwatch things, like give you better access to notifications, make calls, or just provide a Disney watch face to lighten your day up. The 38mm models are $229, with the bigger 42mm models going for $259. That includes the Nike+ versions as well.

In addition, we’ve also got a big discount on the relatively new 10.5-inch iPad Pro. I bought one when it first came out, and it’s the crown in Apple’s current iPad lineup as far as I’m concerned. The cheapest 64GB version is listed for $525 on Best Buy right now, a saving of $124, and the 512GB model is $850, down from $999.


Chris Mills has loved tinkering with technology ever since he worked out how to defeat the parental controls on his parents' internet. He's blogged his way through Apple events and SpaceX launches ever since, and still keeps a bizarre fondness for the Palm Pre.