It’s OK, you can admit it: you wish Apple would make a laptop with a touchscreen. The company is known for flip-flopping all the time, but Apple has yet to budge on its touchscreen laptop stance. The Touch Bar is pretty nifty… sort of… but it doesn’t come anywhere close to filling the void left my the MacBook line’s lack of touchscreens. You know what does? The AirBar by Neonode. This $99 gadget connects to your MacBook Air in a matter of seconds, adding full touchscreen functionality to your laptop. You can tap, swipe, pinch, draw, or do anything else you might want to on any other touchscreen. How cool is that!?

Here are the highlights from the product page:

* Get touchscreen on your 13.3″ MacBook Air notebook!
* Compatibility – Works ONLY with MacBook Air 13.3″
* Plug-and-Touch – Attach with the included magnets & plug into a USB port
* Touch Using – Touch with a finger or gloves
* The AirBar MacBook Air 13.3 is suppose to work with limited functionality straight out of the box. For full functionality the user is informed to download the touch drivers

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