It’s late February again, and Mobile World Congress is in full swing here in Barcelona, Spain. All the major smartphone vendors out there (with one notable fruity exception, of course) are preparing to showcase hot new smartphones, tablets and laptops, and LG is definitely one to watch. Below, you’ll find all the information you need to follow LG’s event as it unfolds, including the live streaming video and our live blog coverage. In fact, if you’re up this early to watch LG’s press event, it probably means you’re already well aware that the company is about to take the wraps off its next-generation flagship smartphone, the LG G6.

The company is emerging from a bad year for its mobile business. Its modular LG G5 experiment failed to convince buyers it was a worthwhile option, so the South Korean giant is about to unveil a completely redesigned premium handset.

Just like the previous G-branded models that preceded it, the LG G6 is not a tightly kept secret. We know what it’ll look like, we know its main specs, and we know when it’s supposed to be released. But that doesn’t make the G6 any less exciting. Actually, the new LG flagship will most likely be one of the best handsets to come out of MWC 2017 — maybe the best, considering a certain flagship smartphone duo isn’t going to be unveiled in Spain this year.

lg-g6-leakImage Source: @evleaks

LG already teased and/or announced some of the G6’s features, and just about everything it failed to announce in advanced has already leaked from various trustworthy sources. The main feature of the handset will be a brand new type of LCD display that will take up most of the front side of the phone. That’s something LG pioneered in previous years, but the bezels will be even slimmer in 2017.

The G6 is also expected to be dust and water resistant, and it’ll feature a premium design and built that is entirely glass and metal. The dual-lens camera on the back is also something to keep an eye out for. If there’s one thing that might disappoint some people, it’s the processor, which will be a late-2016 chipset rather than the hot new Snapdragon 835 from Qualcomm.

Live streaming video from LG’s MWC press conference is available below, and then you’ll find our live blog from the event beneath that. The press conference is scheduled to start at 6:00 AM EST / 3:00 AM PST, and we’ll have more in-depth LG G6 coverage as the event unfolds, so stay tuned!

Don’t forget to check out our detailed hands-on experience with what will be one of the best Android phones in town, at least until something better comes along.

Apparently not. That’s the LG G6 show, folks!

Wait a second, no availability details? 

We saw the specs, and one final video is playing on the huge screen. 

Snap Shot, Grid Shot, Guide Shot, and Match Shot are some of them. 

LG UX 6.0 is what will make your pictures come to life. Expect a bunch of shooting modes for both the rear and front cameras. 

The Snapdragon 821 does bring a unique feature to the G6: optical zoom. 

HDR10 does look impressive. 

The Snapdragon 821 “was the ideal choice” they say. 

Qualcomm is on stage to talk Snapdragon details. Don’t get excited about the Snapdragon 835 though.

Wide-angle selfies are also confirmed — that’s 100-degree wide-angle photos for the front-facing shooter.

“It’s not a megapixels race.” Instead, it’s all about how much detail the sensor can capture.

13-megapixel wide-angle pictures coming to LG G6.

Time to move on to “cutting-edge” cameras. 

“Ok Google, how do I improve the Wi-Fi reception in this packed room?”

Press the home button or just say “Ok Google”to invoke it.

The assistant works even when the screen is off.

Google worked closely with LG for a great Assistant experience. 

Google is on the stage for some great news: the G6 will come with Google Assistant preloaded.

IP68 rating confirmed. That’s dust and water-resistance. 

The phone’s internal design is meant to take into account drop and other accidents that might affect the battery’s integrity.

A heat pipe will handle heat dispersion.

There’s a 3,300 mAh battery inside the phone. 

Here’s something we really want to hear more about, battery capacity and safety.

Color options do have the crazy names we expected. I already forgot what they are. 

The G6 has a metal and glass design that removed all unnecessary details.

Let’s talk design — hello antenna lines!

Apparently, flat phones are more ergonomic than curved ones.

And yes, LG just took a direct hit at the “edge” display that you’ll find on certain phones from the competition.

The G6 apparently has an ideal width size, and a bottom bezels that allows for better one-handed operations.

Dr. Andris Freivalds from Penn. State explains smartphones usability and ergonomics, and while the G6 is probably so much better.

And we just learned why the G6 has round corners, and how that impacts the phone’s UI. 

LG is not done explaining how cool this new display is.

G6 buyers will get enough gold to unlock everything in the game. 

Do people still play LG G6?

Temple Run 2: The lost Jungle update, launching first on the G6.

New Temple Run version incoming?

G6 buyers will get $200 for in-game purchases. Only some games are supported.

Netflix and Amazon will stream in Dolby Vision starting with the LG G6. 

The LG G6 is the first phone in the world to ship with Dolby Vision support.

Other exciting screen features: Dolby Vision and HDR 10.

But that’s only as long as content maker adopt the new 18:9 ratio. The phone, however, will convert any content to 18:9.

Watching movies and playing games should be a lot more immersive, “more realistic.”

Seriously speaking, this new 18:9 ratio sounds interesting. 

Univisium, or unic vision. Probably like adamantium, but for eyes.

The screen has a new 18:9 aspect ratio, something we knew all along. Apparently, 18:9 is the hot new thing in cinematography.

5.7-inch FullVision display in a compact body. That’s LG’s new design mantra.

Large display devices are gaining more and more market share. That explains why we’ll see big-screen devices this year.

We apparently spend more time with the phone than with our significant other. So LG’s bigger display will help us do that even better?

FullVision display, “perfect aspect ratio,” metal unibody. 

One thing is pretty clear, the LG G6 looks so much better than last year’s modular G5.

It sure looks great, but how will LG’s big beautiful LCD screen compare to the OLED displays coming this year from your know who?

This is what LG calls a FullVision display.

The big screen that fits in your hand is here!

Anyhow, mobile phone fans, today is the day. The LG G6 is here, as you undoubtedly can see. 

It wouldn’t be an MWC event without Wi-Fi issues. Can’t wait for someone to fix Wi-Fi for good.