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Whether you’re a new Mac owner or a veteran, you’re probably looking for ways to make the most out of your computer. Keeping your computer organized and clutter-free is the best way to improve your productivity and workflow. With the 2017 Superstar Mac Bundle, you can pay what you want for all the right apps to help your Mac achieve its full potential.

The 2017 Superstar Mac Bundle comes with 12 apps that will help you do everything from managing your Mac’s files to recording on-screen footage. Apps like Renamer 5, Unclutter, and Commander One PRO Pack allow you to make mass edits and move files with ease, helping you organize your computer, while Archiver 3 maximizes your Mac’s storage with a powerful compression tool. The bundle even includes LaunchBar, one of the top app launchers on the market today.

The 2017 Superstar Mac Bundle is currently pay-what-you-want in the BGR Store. Beat the average price to unlock all 12 apps, but if you’re not ready to go all in, you can pay below the average and still get NotePlan and Mac Screen Recorder.