We share iPhone tips and tricks all the time here on BGR. Apple has added so many nifty features to its mobile platform over the years that it’s simply impossible to remember them all. In fact, there are probably a bunch of features hiding in your iPhone right now that you had no idea were even there. For example, here’s a quick collection of hidden iPhone features that only power users know about. We bet you learned something new in that post, didn’t you? Of course, the tips we cover here on the site typically involve Apple’s own software as opposed to Easter eggs hiding in various third-party apps. What’s more, there are some very nifty iPhone “hacks” that involve the hardware itself rather than the software. In this post, we’re going to draw your attention to four different hacks that might just blow your mind.

YouTube user Matthew Rycroft recently took to the site to share a video covering four fun iPhone hacks that have generated plenty of buzz over the years. Two of them involve Easter eggs hiding in popular third-party iOS apps Hyperlapse and Boomerang, and the other two are actually hardware hacks.

In the first two cases, Rycroft shows us a secret gesture that unlocks a hidden configuration menu in either Hyperlapse or Boomerang, both of which are very popular video apps. Using the newly available menu, you’ll be able to increase the resolution and frame rate of any clips you capture on your iPhone.

Next, the video shows users how to transform the iPhone’s LED flashlight function into a makeshift UV light. It doesn’t actually make the iPhone emit ultraviolet light, but the results are similar to real UV lights when you shine them on things like highlighter drawings, which makes this nifty hack plenty of fun. And finally, Rycroft reminds us of the very nifty hack that turns your iPhone into a hologram projector. We first told you about this cool trick back in 2015 and you’ll find a complete parts list in that post (don’t worry, it’ll cost you about $1 to pull off this hack), but it’s definitely worth revisiting.

Check out the full video below.

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