Flappy Bird was one of the simplest (and dumbest!) games to ever make the top of the app store. It was basically exactly the same as all the horizontal scrolling obstacle games that came before; it just happened to be unnecessarily hard. Now, creator Dong Nguyen is back with a new set of equally infuriating mobile games.

His new app is called Ninja Spinki Challenges!!, and it’s just as simple as Flappy Bird. The app is split into a bunch of bite-size micro-games, all of which require a tiny bit of tapping and swiping to complete a level and unlock the next. It’s a little more engaging and user-friendly than Flappy Bird, as it starts out easy and allows you to build a sense of achievement, before crushing you with the difficult Endless levels.

Just like the last game, Ninja Spinki Challenges!! relies on ads for revenue, and the app is free to download.