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Virtual reality has become a hot commodity following the release of VR headsets such as the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive. Countless game developers are breaking ground on VR technology, creating experiences never before possible on traditional consoles or computers. Any budding game designer looking to get in on the ground floor need look no further than this course: Build 30 Mini Virtual Reality Games in Unity 3D From Scratch, available for $19.99.

This enormous, 77-hour course is designed to start you out, and then flying through success in the VR game development industry. To do it, you’ll learn Unity 3D, one of the top game engines in the world. You’ll learn how to code a game in Unity, while designing and implementing assets in Blender, another top production suite. As you go, you’ll also get tutorials on building 30 VR mini-games from scratch, getting step-by-step instructions and ideas on how to develop you own original games.

For 77 hours and a portfolio of 30 games, this course is well worth the $19.99. What makes it even more worth it, is that it’s 96% off the original price of $500.