The latest beta of iOS 10.1 is rolling out to developers right now, which means it’s time to go check your iPhone for updates.

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The latest version of the beta includes a bunch of bug fixes and patches from the previous version, which should hopefully make it more stable. You can download iOS 10.1 beta 4 as an over-the-air software update if you’re a registered Apple developer, and your device is already running a previous version of the beta. If you’re still on the general release, you’ll need to go to Apple’s developer site to get the update.

The most notable change in iOS 10.1 is the Portrait camera feature for the iPhone 7 Plus, which allows you to blur the background and create a bokeh-like effect when shooting people or dogs.

A public beta of iOS 10.1 has already been released, but it’s not up to date with the latest beta version released today. Traditionally, Apple pushes updates to the public beta a day or two after developers.