Apple has just released the latest version of iOS, 10.0.3. It’s an update only for the iPhone 7, and it’s here to fix all of your cellular connectivity woes.

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There have been numerous reports of cellular connectivity problems for iPhone 7 users, particularly those on Verizon. A series of discussions on the Apple discussion board show that users have seen their service drop from LTE to 3G, and then to no service at all.

The fix appeared to be simple: just turn off Voice over LTE, and the problems seemed to go away. Apple was said to be working on a fix, and this seems to be it.

The update is appearing now for iPhone 7 users. Just go to Settings, General, Software Update, and you should see the option to do an over-the-air update. Just make sure you’re connected to Wi-Fi and either plugged in or have a good battery charge.