What happens if you’re unhappy with Apple’s customer care practices? If you’re the guy in the following video, then you simply take your petanque steel ball to the closest Apple store and start smashing everything you can, whether it’s the newest iPhone on display or a MacBook.

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Petanque is a French game of boules where you have to toss steel balls as close as possible to a target. But this unhappy customer played a different game inside an Apple store in Dijon, France. As you’ll see in the following video recorded in the store by a fearless bystander, the entire ordeal was pretty scary. It’s not immediately clear what the person is using to smash the iPhones and cause all that racket, but then we can clearly see the steel ball.

The disgruntled Apple customer does explain that Apple refused to reimburse him for some product, according to European law. “So this happens,” he says. Employees and security guards eventually stop him from leaving the mall, even though he does try to make a run for it. It’s likely the man will have to face the consequences of his actions, including paying for the destroyed goods.

Check out the entire video below, via iPhonote, complete with the initial mayhem in the store, the ensuing chase, and what sounds like some serious name-calling in French.

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