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Most of us are in no condition to walk to the bathroom in the middle of the night. We’re groggy and a little confused–a perfect storm that can at best result in a couple bumps and bruises, and at worst a trip to the E.R. Thankfully, IllumiBowl has developed a motion-activated toilet light that will brighten your late-night treks for only $16.99.

Snapping on perfectly in a splash-proof location, the IllumiBowl Toilet Night Light detects motion and bathes your toilet bowl in LED light. You can choose from eight color options and patterns, and even select a color-rotate mode. With just a quick wipe, the light is easy to clean and fits all toilets.

Normally $20, BGR readers can get the IllumiBowl Toilet Night Light for 15% off, taking the final price down to only $16.99.