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You’re in the zone, crushing those weights or running mile after mile. Then one quick movement, and your earbud gets yanked out. Nothing takes you out of your workout experience faster than a dislodged earbud–so end your music woes with Acesori A.Buds Bluetooth Earbuds, now only $29.99.

Designed to connect either behind or in front of your neck, the Acesori A.Buds rest well out your limbs’ reach, and magnetically connect to one another when not in use. Wirelessly syncing to your phone, these earbuds let you control volume, respond to calls, and change songs without having to touch your phone. Out of sight and out of mind, they’ll deliver your tunes without getting in your way.

Normally $70, the Acesori A.Buds Bluetooth Earbuds are on sale for over 50% off, making the final price only $29.99.