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No one ever said running a startup was easy–otherwise, we’d all be quitting our jobs in pursuit of venture funded glory. That said, having the right training makes it much easier.

The Startup School 2016 Bundle offers over 60 hours of tech and business training critical to getting a startup off the ground. From SEO practices to outsourcing, this 10-course bundle covers every facet of running a startup within its broad curriculum.

With this training, you’ll learn concepts such as:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Practical business strategies
  • Growth hacking with digital marketing
  • Task and project outsourcing
  • Google AdWords strategies

WIth its comprehensive tech and business training, the Startup School 2016 Bundle is the perfect resource for anyone who wants to create their own startup. Normally $1,931, this bundle is available on sale to BGR readers for only $49–a discount of over 90%!