Forget about going to Walmart to pick up your groceries! Soon, the groceries will be coming to your door with an Uber or a Lyft. These are Walmart’s “convenient new ways” that help you shop easier than ever.

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The giant retailer will announce a new pilot at its annual Shareholders Meeting, a “last mile” delivery system that would involve services including Uber, Lyft, and Deliv.

Initially, the service will be available in Denver and one other market, with the pilot set to start at some point within the next two weeks. A “very quiet” Sam’s Club pilot began in March, using the Deliv service to ship general merchandise and grocery to buyers in Miami.

The best thing about it is that the customers would not even have to worry about handling the shipping of their groceries.

As Walmart explains, all you have to do is place a grocery order online and select a delivery window. Then, Walmart personal shoppers will prepare the order, at which point it may request the services of a driver from either Lyft, Uber or Deliv. Customers pay the $7 to $10 delivery fee – it might be hassle-free, but this shipping option isn’t actually free of charge.

It’s clear that Walmart wants you to shop online more, and it’s willing to offer you additional ways of having everything shipped to your door. A few weeks ago, Walmart announced an upgrade to its Amazon Prime alternative, which offers buyers fast two-day shipping for an annual fee.

Amazon, meanwhile, is doing something similar to Walmart’s Uber and Lyft pilot program. But rather than hiring a third-party service, the company is hiring drivers directly to ship packages to buyers – that’s the Amazon Flex program.