It’s hard not to like Louis C.K. In fact, while most comedians tend to be polarizing, it’s not a stretch to say that Louis C.K. is as universally loved of a comedian as there is today. Even for folks who don’t gravitate towards his brand of comedy, Louis C.K.’s willingness to push the status quo while refraining from selling out has earned him an arguably unparalleled level of respect from the general public.

That said, you might want to set your DVR tonight because Louis C.K. is slated to appear as a contestant on Jeopardy! later today. The show is set to air at 7:30PM ET tonight but in some locations it will air a bit earlier. Make sure to check your local listings just to make sure you don’t miss it.

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Originally reported by Washington Life, C.K. will be competing against a number of other politicians and entertainers with all of the proceeds from the show going to the charity of choice of the winner.

In an interview with the publication, C.K. said that any money he wins will be going towards the Fistula Foundation, a charity that offers up medical care “for women in poor countries who suffer from the childbirth related injury, obstetric fistula.”

When asked why he supports that specific charity, C.K. responded:

I did a show on my website years ago and I made a lot of money very quickly so I wanted to give a bunch away and I was looking for charities that take Paypal. A friend had told me about Fistula Foundation so I went on their site and saw they take Paypal so I just sent a bunch of money to them and they were very sweet nice people. I’ve stayed in touch and anytime I do anything that’s a charity thing I usually end up giving it to them.

For anyone expecting an onslaught of jokes, C.K. said that he’s going to try hard to actually win (it is for charity, after all) and that he’s “not usually funny in unfunny contexts.”

Nonetheless, it should make for an off-beat and entertaining episode. You can check out what time Jeopardy! starts in your area via this website.

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