Some may argue that we’ve had enough Transformers movies for now while others can’t wait to see Optimus Prime and friends return to the big screen. If you’re in the Transformers fans crowd, you’ll be thrilled to hear that Transformer 5 is in the making. The film already has a title and a really short teaser.

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Transformers 5 will be known as Transformers: The Last Knight, with Michael Bay returning to the director’s chair. We have no idea who this last knight is supposed to be, but it’s likely that he’s a robot.

Mark Wahlberg is also returning to reprise his Cade Yeager role from the fourth Transformers installment, but other details aren’t known about Transformers 5 at this point.

The official Instagram account for Transformers: The Last Knight is already up, providing the following teaser – don’t get too excited just yet, it’s just the face of a transformer.

Production begins June 2016, with Empire Online reporting that shooting starts June 6th. The movie is set to land in cinemas next year, having a June 23rd release date for the UK.