Have you recently seen a book during your morning commute that looked too outrageously offensive to be real? If so, you can thank comedian Scott Rogowsky, who recently invented some hilarious book titles, printed fake book covers that look like the real thing, and then pretended to read them while on the subway. In reality, he just wanted to see the looks on people’s faces when they saw what he was reading.

There’s a hilarious video showing these fake books, but you’ll have to keep pausing it to get a glimpse of what the comedian is reading. If you don’t want to do that, then check these fake book covers below.

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If I Did It: How I Would Have Done 9/11

fake-book-covers-subway-prank-if-i-did-itImage Source: Screenshot / YouTube

How To Hold A Fart In

fake-book-covers-subway-prank-how-to-hold-a-fart-inImage Source: Screenshot / YouTube

101 Penis-Lengthening Tips You Can Do At Home, The Office Or On The Go

fake-book-covers-subway-prank-101-penis-lengthening-tipsImage Source: Screenshot / YouTube

Slut-Shaming Your Baby

fake-book-covers-subway-prank-slut-shaming-your-babyImage Source: Screenshot / YouTube

Definitely Not Porn

fake-book-covers-subway-prank-definitely-not-pornImage Source: Screenshot / YouTube

This Book Has A Camera In It And Google Is Taking Your Photo With It

fake-book-covers-subway-prank-this-book-has-a-cameraImage Source: Screenshot / YouTube

Human Taxidermy – A Beginner’s Guide

fake-book-covers-subway-prank-human-taxidermy-a-beginners-guideImage Source: Screenshot / YouTube

How To Score An Asian Girlfriend On The L Train

fake-book-covers-subway-prank-how-to-score-an-asian-girlfriendImage Source: Screenshot / YouTube

Trump – The Art Of Fucking Your Daughter

fake-book-covers-subway-prank-trump-the-art-of-fucking-your-daughterImage Source: Screenshot / YouTube

Gone Girl 2: Even Goner

fake-book-covers-subway-prank-gone-girl-2-even-gonerImage Source: Screenshot / YouTube

1,000 Places To See Before You’re Executed By ISIS

fake-book-covers-subway-prank-1000-places-to-see-before-isisImage Source: Screenshot / YouTube

Getting Away With Murder For Dummies

fake-book-covers-subway-prank-getting-away-with-murder-for-dummiesImage Source: Screenshot / YouTube

Mein Kampf For Kids

fake-book-covers-subway-prank-mein-kampf-for kidsImage Source: Screenshot / YouTube

Ass Eating Made Simple

fake-book-covers-subway-prank-ass-eating-made-simpleImage Source: Screenshot / YouTube

The full video follows below.