From a number of different angles, Twitter seems to be plagued by problems. Not only is the company having a tough time attracting new users, but it’s also performing poorly on the financial side. Indeed, shares of Twitter are now trading in the $16 range, representing an all-time low.

In an effort to help inject a bit of life into the social networking service, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey earlier this year floated the idea that Twitter might increase the 140 character limit that has defined the site since its inception. While seemingly outrageous, Dorsey teased the idea of supporting tweets with as many as 10,000 characters.

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Well, all you Twitter purists out there can rest easy. As it turns out, all the talk about Twitter tinkering with its tried and true 140 character limit is nothing more than just that: talk.

Earlier today, Dorsey showed up on NBC’s Today where he put to bed the very rumor that he himself helped spawn.

“It’s staying,” Dorsey said about the 140 character limit. “It’s a good constraint for us, and… it allows for of-the-moment brevity.”