It’s not that we didn’t have enough Galaxy S7 leaks already, but we didn’t have any video leaks starring Samsung’s upcoming smartphone. So Samsung Indonesia decided to fix that by putting up a commercial that teases “The Next Galaxy.” Even if unmarked, Samsung’s next best thing is apparently featured in the teaser.

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The video shows Indonesian archer Dellie Threesyadinda training using an unofficial curved Samsung phone, which is similar to last year’s Galaxy S6 edge models. However, the woman isn’t afraid to use the device in pouring rain (top image), so it can’t be the Galaxy S6, as that series of phones isn’t waterproof. But the Galaxy S7 is rumored to be waterproof.

The phone is also shown on a wireless charging pad, suggesting the Galaxy S7 will also have wireless charging powers, just like its predecessor.

galaxy-s7-video-teaser-2Image Source: Samsung

Finally, Samsung has also created a teaser website for the Galaxy S7, also located in Indonesia. The site confirmed the Galaxy S7 name, as per The Verge, but the name was later removed (see following image). The website’s language suggests the phone will be waterproof, offer “privacy at its finest” and “bring light to the night” with the new camera.

galaxy-s7-video-teaser-3Image Source: Samsung

Check out the one-minute clip below, and the teaser website at this link.

Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S7 during a special media event on Sunday, February 21st, with the phone expected to hit stores as soon as March 11th.