There’s an old joke that says no one ever goes out of their way to own a cat. People might find one lurking around outside their house and decide to keep it out of pity, but no one really exerts much of an effort to become a cat owner.

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Dogs on the other hand? Well, dogs are great. They’re friendly, loving, playful and helpful, all character traits which cats conspicuously lack. It’s simple evolution, my friends. Dogs over many centuries were bred to be dutiful companions, befitting of the title, “Man’s best friend.”

But cats on the other hand? They’re solitary creatures. In a best-case scenario, cats will simply leave you alone and let you go about your business. In a worst-case scenario, cats will go all WWE on your children and take them out and show no mercy in the process.

But don’t take my biased word for it, check out this video aptly titled ‘Cats vs Kids.’ Poor kids, some of them didn’t even see it coming. At the very least, even I can concede that cats can be amusing and entertaining creatures.

As great as that is, we’d be remiss if we didn’t also show you what Kanye West might deem one of the best cat videos of all-time.