If you subscribe to Netflix, you’re likely aware that suggestions for what to watch next can be hit-or-miss, but CEO Reed Hastings hinted at an interesting development this week that might lead to far more reliable suggestions in the future.

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While on stage during the CES 2016 keynote on Wednesday, Hastings told the audience that extensive A/B testing at Netflix will one day give the company the ability to decide what you want might want to watch next based on your mood.

“We seek to find the right movie or series to put in front of you at the right time,” said Hastings. “We do this through continuous learning and understanding what each person watches and whether they leave after ten minutes or whether they come back to complete the series or not.”

According to Hastings, the tests will allow the business to “one day get so good at suggestions that we’ll able to suggest exactly the right film or TV show for you when you turn on Netflix.”

Now that Netflix has expanded to an astounding 190 countries, it makes sense that the company will need to up its game when it comes to catering to specific audiences and allowing for a certain degree of customization. Not only do tastes differ around the world, but programming changes drastically from country to country.