This is without question one of the coolest videos you’ll see this week. In fact, it might be the coolest video you see all month.

We recently shared a video of a Lamborghini and a Mustang drift-battling through an abandoned Russian town, and in that post we spoke of how rare it is to find “extreme” corporate promotional videos that avoid being too contrived and are actually interesting and entertaining. Well, we just found another one.

Behold: The most insane ski run you’ll ever see… and it’s filmed on a mountain that doesn’t even hold a single snowflake.

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Candide Thovex is an extreme skier who can’t be bothered to wait for snow to start hitting the slopes. So he didn’t.

In a video sponsored by Audi, Thovex skis down a mountainside that has no snow. The dry run takes him across grassy slopes, through overgrown fields, around trees in a dense forest, and even over a couple of intense jumps. And an Audi does make an appearance at the end of the video, but we won’t spoil the finale.

You seriously have to check out this great video, which is embedded below.