Last Friday, Target announced that it would be doing away with gender-based signs in its stores. That means no more displays featuring girls playing with Barbies and boys duking it out with Nerf guns.

It’s a smart, sensitive move on the part of Target, refusing to propagate gender norms and letting kids decide who they want to be, but as you might expect when literally anything happens to help make people feel more comfortable, some customers were outraged.

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“Wow. This is ridiculous. If my daughter wants a nerf gun, we do not feel frustrated or limited because the packaging for them is blue,” wrote one shopper in the comment section. “I have 7 children – boys and girls. My boys like being boys. My girls like being girls. We will no longer be shopping at Target,” wrote another.

Why anyone would be up in arms over the signs a retailer puts in its stores eludes me completely, but nevertheless, rage finds a way. Thankfully, there are trolls out there who thrive on the misplaced frustration of others. This time it was a Facebook user who created a fake customer support profile and began responding to dozens of complaints.

Adweek has screenshots of countless hysterical responses from “Ask ForHelp,” but here are a few of the very best:

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