Like many people, I love going to the movies and I’m always checking out trailers and teasers for upcoming releases. That said, I was surprised when I saw the new The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 teaser because it is absolutely terrible.

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The 43-second trailer only shows us Jennifer Lawrence standing tall, complete with bow, uniform, and cape.

Yes, she’s standing tall on a giant statue that has the same shape of District 12’s three-finger salute that fans of The Hunger Games series will instantly recognize. There’s also a rebellious message on top of that image that hints at what’s to come in the movie. This doesn’t change the fact that the teaser trailer, as is, gives me less than no desire to see the actual movie.

The movie will hit cinemas on November 19th, and we can’t wait for a real trailer to be released — hopefully it will be better than this terrible teaser.