In a few days, Apple will introduce a new music product that’s supposed to take on rivals from Spotify, Google and others. However, it looks like Apple and record labels are still not done with negotiations, although both sides desperately want this Apple Music partnership.

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According to Bloomberg, the labels are pushing to get a larger chunk of revenue than they receive from Spotify. But at the same time they want a deal with Apple before Apple Music is announced on stage on Monday.

The labels take 55% of Spotify’s monthly $9.99 rate, and publishers take some 15%. For Apple Music, labels are pushing closer to 60% of a monthly take.

Spotify currently has more than 60 million users, with a quarter of them paying the $9.99 no-ads monthly access fee. Google also charges $9.99 for its YouTube Music Key service.

Apple is also rumored to make its streaming music service available for $9.99 per month, a price that’s largely been dictated by negotiations with labels. Earlier reports said Apple was eyeing a $5/month plan, and then a $7.99 monthly price, but labels didn’t accept such terms.

The Apple Music streaming service will be found in the new music app, alongside a revamped version of iTunes radio, people familiar with the matter said. In addition to music streaming, the service will include exclusive behind-the-scenes videos from artists, as well as artist pages.