Every time you find yourself complaining about your boss, just remember things could always be worse — for instance, you could be working for North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. Per Reuters, it seems that North Korea this week executed its own defense minister after he fell asleep during a political rally where Kim Jong Un was present. After being formally charged with “treason” for this transgression, the official was killed by an anti-aircraft gun at a firing range.

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Human rights groups believe that North Korea typically executes its “traitors” with ZPU-4 anti-aircraft guns, which look like this:

Photo credit:”ZPU morrocan” by Dieter vogeler – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

In other words, when North Korea wants you executed, it goes all out.

Amazingly, the ex-defense minister is apparently only one of several North Koreans who have been executed with these massive guns over the past year. Satellite images have captured purported anti-aircraft gun executions of multiple prisoners dating back to at least last October, so it seems like this is North Korea’s new way of showing troublemakers that it means business.

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