Just last week, YouTube sent out an email to content partners with an interesting tidbit: “Today, mobile represents over half of all watchtime and mobile revenue is up 200% in the last year.” Suffice it to say, mobile is a hugely important part of YouTube’s overall strategy.

That being the case, the popular video streaming site has a huge mobile redesign in the works, likely aimed to improve the user experience and keep viewers glued to their screens for as long as possible.

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Here’s what the new redesign will look like, as posted on Twitter by Nick Pomes:

As you can see, a new “trending” option is seemingly positioned as the cornerstone of the new mobile YouTube browsing experience.

Some more screenshots for your viewing enjoyment:

And another,

Interestingly, YouTube isn’t ignoring its desktop player. A report from a few days ago relays that YouTube is currently in the midst of testing a completely new video player for Desktop users.