Upgrading to a new phone can be exciting, but there are a few hassles that come along with it, most notably figuring out what to do with your old phone.

Foe example, you might want to donate your Galaxy S5 to a technology recycling program or hand it off to a family member or friend before you pick up the Galaxy S6 this month, but in case you decide to sell it, UpgradeSwap has a list of the places you should check in order to get the best deals.

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As is typically the case, eBay might be your best bet. It takes a little more time and effort than other methods, but the asking prices for the Galaxy S5 range between $252 – $416. Craigslist comes in a close second, with asking prices reaching as high as $550.

If you don’t have the time to create an eBay listing or a Craigslist post, you might want to check out the trade-in sites instead. UpgradeSwap, Gazelle, uSell and Nextworth all feature price lock as well, which means that you can lock in a price right now and then take a few weeks to decide whether or not you want to sell your phone without the pressure of the price constantly dipping.

Here are the payout ranges for all four trade-in sites, according to UpgradeSwap:

To find out the fastest way to get your money at each of these websites, be sure to check out UpgradeSwap’s post.